Equip Yourself With Knowledge For The LLB Entrance Exam
Whether you are employed or someone who has completed that level, it is easy to enter the legal profession if you are interested
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Open your doors to the future with LMC LAW Class
LLB and Law Entrance Exam paves the way for you to become a graduate. Those degrees open doors of success for you
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No age gaps for becoming a lawyer Only the dedication
There is no age limit for being a lawyer through the law college entrance and the open university LLB degree
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Experienced teachers like nowhere.
All the necessary guidance and support are provided.
Conducted online at comfortable times for everyone.
An exam-focused pattern of teaching

Someone willing to face the LLB entrance exam or the Law College entrance exam may not have too much time for sessions and studies. So, that person doesn’t need to learn too many things.

Never miss a session.

We at LMC LAW Class offer you the best experience in learning for the law college entrance exam and LLB exam by providing you with recorded videos of our live classes. So, you will never miss a session, even if you are busy.

Unlimited benefits for LLB and LAW college entrance learners

We at LMC LAW Class firm are established to relentlessly educate the persons chasing success. LLB and Law College are not only the best ways to become a lawyer but also some of the best ways to make your dreams come true. Working smart with the new technology is one of our unique features. Through that, all necessary steps have been taken to pass our students. We have always worked to provide all the required teachings to our students by offering solutions to every problem and issue in Sri Lanka and the entire world. 

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Why Is LMC LAW CLASS A Good Choice?

LMC LAW Class has got an experienced teaching staff. They are lawyers who have studied in the law college of Sri Lanka and at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Expert teachers graduated from Law College and working as lawyers
Focused on a thriving pattern of leaching through practicing the students

Review'S From Students

නීතිය හැදෑරීමට බලාපොරොත්තු වන ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට සුදුසු සාධාරණ මාසික ගාස්තුවකට උපරිම සේවාවක් ලබා දෙන සජීවී online පංතිය LMC ආයතනයේ නීති පංතිය බව ඉතාමත් ආදරයෙන් සහ ගෞරවයෙන් මතක් කරමි

Navini Nimesha

LAW Student

Mr Rangajeewa has a great knowledge. He is a source of inspiration for all students. Genuine & humble. You get really motivated to study Law ! His institute can be recommended

Pathum Lakmal Silva

LAW Student

If you want to learn law, join with LMC. It’s the best online class platform for us Distance Learning 😌❤️ I am Highly recommended LMC Law Class to Get high in LAW & LLB Exam

Jennifer Landsberger

LAW Student

LAW Entrance Or LLB

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Check Whether, Available for LAW Or LL.B


LL.B Entrance  සහ LAW Entrance විභාග සදහා අනිවාරයෙන් A/L විශයන් තුනම එකවර සමත් විය යුතුය.

ඔබට LL.B Entrance විභාගය සදහා පමණක් සුදුසුකම් ඇත

ඔබට LAW Entrance සහා LL.B Entrance යන විභාග දෙකම සදහා සුදුසුකම් ඇත