English For LLB & LAW Entrance

English For LAW & LLB Entrance

This program enables you to learn English in any competitive exam in Sri Lanka. You will learn everything you need to know as a professional in Sri Lanka.

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It is essential to learn English to become a lawyer in Sri Lanka. Most of the students in Sri Lanka have a hard time understanding the English language due to a lack of teaching techniques.  English is moderately understandable if learned with a proper plan. These are the three difficulties students are struggling in LLB and Law Entrance exams,

Why Is English Essential?

Also, most of the higher education syllabi of Sri Lanka have been designed in English. Literary English is an essential subject and a language for both Law College studies and the LL.B degree Programme at the Open University of Sri Lanka. Every applicant for the Law Entrance exam needs a credit pass (C) in English at G.C.E. Ordinary Level. But, the LL.B degree program doesn’t ask for G.C.E. Ordinary Level English. However, the applicants have to face an English Language test at both examinations to receive admission.

Importance of LMC English for LLB & LAW Entrance Course

Here, students have to answer a paper that inquires specific knowledge of the candidate’s Publication of ideas, comprehension, Spelling, writing skills in the English language through an essay, grammar, summarizing skills. Also, the paper consists of short answering questions. Even the test is complicated LMC English for LL. B & LAW Entrance course make it more accessible through,

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