Nirmal Neranjan

Nirmal Neranjan Sir

Nirmal Neranjan

Instructor In English Language

Nirmal Neranjan Weerasekara is your English instructor in LMC Law class Sri Lanka. He is a Specialist in the English Language and many other things. It is better to experience how amazing he guides you to pass the exam by checking our classes.

Importance Of English For Law Student

English is necessary for attending Law Schools in Sri Lanka. Otherwise, it is essential to be a lawyer. All applicants for Law Entrance Exams should demonstrate proficiency in the English Language because the Law college and the Open University of Sri Lanka require prospective law students to show a particular level of competence in English to enter the Faculty. English is necessary to build up a career as a lawyer as well.

Applicants for the Law Entrance asked for a Credit (C) pass for English at the GCE (Ordinary Level) examination. As well as studying Law in any law school and building up your career through the legal profession needs fluent English knowledge for developing communication skills, developing personality, and continuing your brand in the field for a considerable level.

Students need to be proficient in English as approximately 95% of all legal materials – cases, legislation, textbooks, and journals – are available only in English. Most importantly, English will be your academic language in the future in both the Law college and the Open University of Sri Lanka.

English Syllabus at LMC Law Class

Law class Sri Lanka offers you the necessary opportunity to learn exam-oriented English for both LL. B examination and Law entrance examinations. Here, you can improve,

Law class Sri Lanka has a progressive vision to improve our student’s English Language skills more than it needs for the LL. B examination and Law Entrance examination.

Who is Your English Lecturer?

Mr. Nirmal Neranjan Weerasekara, your English Lecturer at LMC Law class, conducts a complete exam-oriented English knowledge for Law Entrance and LL. B Entrance applicants because both exams test your English. The syllabus he has specially designed for the course at LMC Law class through his experience as an undergraduate in LL. B and a student from the law college of Sri Lanka will cover all the necessary areas for both exams.

He has experience working in industries at Europe, America, Canada and also Japan. Those industries were related to IT, Marketing, Sales, and Supply chain Management. When we consider those fields, they are the best and more alike prospects to touch each person’s practical English language difficulties. So, you can get the best out of him.

Instructor Qualifications

He is a B.Sc. holder and also an M.Sc. holder in the USA. So, he has touched most of the fields related to English Language use, and practically, he has been using English for the years he was studying.

The most important part here is MR. Nirmal Neranjan Weerasekara is also an undergraduate for LL. B at the Open University Of Sri Lanka and a student of Sri Lanka Law College as well.

Examination’s English tutor. Because he knows how the questions in your English paper are like, the variation of questions will happen from year to year. The experience is instrumental for him to understand what the students need to write the answers in those exams. So, we can ensure that he is a perfect teacher for the English Language for LMC Law class Sri Lanka students.

What He Achieve

He is the one who developed the most influential English Language Course for competitive exams in Sri Lanka. He has shown the excellence of the course he developed by himself by obtaining more than 75% of the children who came to study the course. An essential part of the aspect is he sets the syllabus course with time as an up-to-date person. It is necessary because sometimes things don’t stay the same as yesterday in tomorrow.

The super-learning techniques and effective methods he developed as a researcher of the English Language and skills, are invincible and instrumental to Practice English Language in a short period.

 The most valuable part of his research for you is it focused on the students facing LL. B and Law entrance exams. Besides practicing for the exam, LMC Law Class Sri Lanka has included making you a fluent language user. The grammar techniques, vocabulary lessons, and practical spoken English activities may develop your ability to use professional English.