LAW & LL.B Entrance

LAW / LL.B Entrance Exam

If you have the required qualifications for both exams, this is the platform to learn both in one course.

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LAW / LL.B Entrance Exam

This exclusive opportunity allows eager students to take part in both LAW/LL.B exams at once, in the same year. The subjects and syllabus are almost the same in the two exams. So, it is effortless to study, focusing the LAW Entrance and LLB Entrance exams together.

The research done by specialists on LAW entrance and LLB entrance exams has proved that more than 80% of students who apply for both exams tend to pass at least one exam. If the applicants have more than two credit passes and one simple pass (C2, S1) at Advanced Level and credit pass (C) for English in Ordinary Level Exam Sri Lanka, we recommend to take both exams in the same year for assured results.

LMC helps the eager students by conducting a specific LAW/LLB Entrance study program that covers the necessary subjects without charging them an additional fee. The instructors of LMC are either lawyers, graduates, or undergraduates from Law College or  LL. B program or both. So, LMC can guide you to the correct path to become a law student and start your career in the legal profession.

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