LAW Entrance

Law College Entrance Examination

This is the easiest way to become a lawyer. It is proud to study here and start a career as a lawyer in three years.



Passed four subjects in any subject stream with three credit passes(C).

Passed three subjects in any subject stream with two credit passes(C).

Should have passed this examination with Credit passes(C) in English and Sinhala subjects.

There is no age limit for the applicants.

Here, the applicants can select Sinhala/ Tamil or English as a subject. But each time, the language medium for all other subjects of the examination will be the opposite language. Which means,

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Examination Procedure

The Law Entrance examination will be held in every year and conducted by the department of education at Colombo. This examination consists of two question papers.

Language Skill- Sinhala / Tamil/ English– This paper tests the knowledge of the candidate’s Publication of ideas, comprehension, Spelling, writing skills through an essay, grammar, summarizing skills. Also, the paper consists of short answering questions. The time duration of the test is 3 hours, and the total marks will be 100. (minimum marks – 50/100)

General Knowledge and Intelligence Quotient – This paper consist of two parts. (minimum marks – 50/100)

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